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Part of Generation Y, I grew up in precariously improvised Communist Romania, at a time when “The People’s House” was erected. The construction of the building forever changed my attachment to form, as it has been largely the direct expression of Ceausescu’s body language. I have been engaged in working from within personal narratives when studying painting to thereafter going through physical theatre to spark a constant interest in the position of things, in form as a loss of form. I was schooled in three countries but none had greater influence than the institution of poetry. It has also become a constant presence in my current work, which foments, alongside an interest in philosophy and design, instruments to punch clean the discussion of closure and of how the space after something ends is orchestrated. All are tactics to access the gestalt of the hot realm, of which the collaboration with philosopher Graham Harman and Swedish design agency Söderhavet are a part. Most recently ontological design calibrates the work to be performed in the upcoming Venice Bienniale as part of the Romanian representation.
I made a collective which includes a hyper-object — namely myself at 29 – and often operates within its structure. The collective's modus operandi is retroactive irony.

Alex Mirutziu has been lecturing in performance and theatre focused institutions from Royal College of Arts, London, to Von Kraal Theatre, Estonia, Konstfack, Stockholm, and collaborated with various artists, among which Grit Hachmeister (DE), Paul Devens (NL), Elias Merino (ES), Graham Foust (US), Graham Harman (US). His most recent projects have been hosted by IASPIS, Stockholm, ZDB, Lisbon, Power Plant, Toronto, The Glass Factory Lab, Boda, Mucsarnok Kusthalle, Budapest, the Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, and the National Museum, Warsaw.

The Artist and Himself at 29
Weight of sleep as temporary sculpture present in flesh of face
Architecture for the page turn
Where is the poem
Where is the poem
Scotopolitic object #2
Works and Interview through Sculpture
European Travellers. Art From Cluj Today
Note to Pending Work #8
Moments of silence for Pending Work #7
Five moments of silence for Pending Work #7
Note #3 to Pending Work #6
Note #2 to Pending Work #6
History is nothing but muscles in action
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Alex Mirutziu, Runway spill 2, 2011.jpg
Runaway Spill #2
Action is guilt [Method to Rourke]
Pending Work #5
Pending Work #5
Pending Work #4
Note #3 to Pending Work #2
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_template Pending work copy1.jpg
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_pending work 3.jpg
Pending Work #3 [Moments of silence]
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_template Pending work copy.jpg
Pending Work #2 [Omage à Gencer]
Pending Work #2 [Omage à Gencer]
Pending Work #1
Pending Work #1
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Time s own insult.jpg
Time's own insult
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Time s own insult a.jpg
Time's own insult
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_installation shot(1).jpg
Pending Works and Scotopolitic object
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_scotopolitic object.jpg
Scotopolitic object #1
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_When love melted cavalries in our hearts, 2010, performance.jpg
When love melted cavalries in our hearts
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_make a man out of me.jpg
Make a man out of me
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Unforgotten if unpunished, self portrait with Gori de Palma mask.jpg
Unforgotten if unpunished
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Modes of refusal_30x40cm_2010 copy.jpg
Modes of refusal
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_installation shot.jpg
Critique on How Temples Move Faster Than Their Shadows
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_performance (3).jpg
Critique on How Temples Move Faster Than Their Shadows
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_My heroic argument, 2010, digital print, 8,9x10,8cm.jpg
My heroic argument
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_We are in our best years, 2010, stiplex light box, 59x44x13cm.jpg
We are in our best years
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Alex Mirutziu, Runway Spill 1, 2009.jpg
Runaway Spill #1
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Leave Gordon Brown Alone, 08-09, performance series.jpg
Leave Gordon Brown Alone
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_The colour of My Middleclass, 2007-2008, B&W digital print on photographic paper, 30x40cm.jpg
Color of my middleclass
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Tears are Precious, video still (2007, colour video, single screen, 025505 min).jpg
Tears are Precious
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_once i used to have such a good imagination (video stills) 2007 berlin-web.jpg
Once I used to have such a good imagination
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Tears_are_precious_30x40_cm_2007 copy.jpg
Tears are Precious
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Self portrait with black tape in false lube, 2007, digital print, 45x30,5cm.jpg
Self portrait with black tape in false lube
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Soliloqui, 2005, digital print on photographic paper, 560x420mm.jpg
http://www.galeria-sabot.ro/files/gimgs/th-11_Atrocity exhibition, 2002-2004, tribute performance to Ian Curtis.jpg
Atrocity exhibition