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Following last year’s “Objects of Desire” summer show, Sabot presents “Künstlich, natürlich!”, a genuine+synthetic-friendly gathering of works by gallery artists and some special guests, initiated by Vlad Nancă and Nona Inescu.

Künstlich, natürlich!

[ Sabot Summer Show 2016 ]

29 July - 2 September 2016
Opening: 29 July 2016, 7-10 pm

Răzvan Boar, Laura Buttons, Radu Comșa, Adrian Dan, Nona Inescu, Vlad Nancă, Joe Fletcher Orr, Ronit Porat, Jimmy Robert, Larisa Sitar, Alice Tomaselli

Pictures of nature hidden in the celluloid, long before 2006, since when about 7.5 billion cubic meters of concrete are made each year, more than one cubic meter for every person on Earth.

Vincent said “I have nature and art and poetry”

A poem by G. L. Stark
the grasses,
we shed
our skin,
but beneath
the shallow,
we breathe
than these
red plastic

I speak patois so I know what she's saying.

Work, work, work, work, work
He seh mi haffi work, work, work, work, work
He si mi duh mi dirt, dirt, dirt dirt, dirt
Suh mi bedda work, work, work work, work
When yuh ah guh learn, learn, learn, learn, learn
Mi nuh cyar if him hurt, hurt hurt, hurt, hurting

Translate some of the Patois words to English.
Seh = said
Mi = me
Haffi = have to
Si = see
Duh = do
Suh = so
Bedda/betta = better
Yuh = you
Ah guh = ago
Nuh = don't
Cyar = care

LaserMan loved her too much. And this wasn’t ordinary love: it was extraordinary, just like everything he did, just like him. He once wanted to cut down something with his laser vision but it went wrong and instead he ended up with something that looked like an art work. It was a partial mirror, semitransparent, his portrait onto hers.

I was thirsty, dreaming about lemonade and all I could find in that urban shitty concrete jungle was desiccated water, fossilised bottles like melted precious stones. Everything was so dry. I walked, and walked, tirelessly. Then I noticed something different about the ground. It was softer and, in the same time, more resistant. It was not as flat and I started losing stability. I couldn’t feel it on my toes but there it was, stuck with me and I didn’t even know. Somehow I started to exist, my footprint penetrating the land everywhere I went.

Biological pigments, also known simply as pigments or biochromes are substances produced by living organisms that have a color resulting from selective color absorption. Biological pigments include plant pigments and flower pigments. Many biological structures, such as skin, eyes, feathers, fur and hair contain pigments such as melanin.
Pigment color differs from structural color in that it is the same for all viewing angles, whereas structural color is the result of selective reflection or iridescence, usually because of multilayer structures. For example, butterfly wings typically contain structural color, although many butterflies have cells that contain pigment as well.

Fireboard, he said
The Trans-Pecos desert can be chilly in the winter time. If those Europeans only knew. Considerable quantities of wood are necessary to heat things up. The term “Fireboard” occurs out of the merger of the words fire and board. Alternatively fire-boards can be used as construction materials for impromptu structures like temporary shelters and what not.

The fossils have been one of the first traces of doubt that people had regarding creationism, making them take into consideration the fact that the Earth might be much older than the saying of the Bible. For some, fossils are proof of the great flood described in the Book of Genesis, that brought the sea waters on top of mountains, while others see them as a trap placed by the devil in order to weaken people's faith in God.
The collection comprises both real fossils and copies, mixed together. The originals are marine fossils from the Eocene period, approx. 40 million years ago, and they are collected by the artist from a stone quarry, not an official fossil area. The fake ones are copied with a mixed material of cement, marble dust and pigments.

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
Now listen! I’m no fool. I know that in daily life we don't go around saying 'is a ... is a ... is a ...' Yes, I’m no fool; but I think that in that line the rose is red for the first time in English poetry for a hundred years.

Re: I have steam coming out of my ears! The expression is not in common use in English but is usually used visually to depict exasperation or frustration (think cartoons such as Mickey Mouse etc). The expression shows that the person writing the message was frustrated by something.
Re: I have steam coming out of my ears! It's not entirely uncommon in American usage... I have heard people in the office discussing something that had gone wrong, and one person asked, "Was the boss angry?" The reply: "Angry?! You could practically see the steam coming out of his ears!"
Re: I have steam coming out of my ears! Thank you for telling your thoughts on the matter. I know that Mickey Mouse is an American product, thence it follows that this phrase would be in more general currency in US, than in conservative England. How funny!