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April 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023
Opening: Saturday, April 1st, 6pm

exhibition views

Glitterature is the title of an exhibition and one Poetrick by Stefano Calligaro.
It brings together a selection of 37 Poetricks, materialized and produced by SABOT as fifteen paintings, thirty poetrick-fan-scarves, one publication, and one banner.
Poetricks are Calligaro’s poetic spotlights pointed beyond appearances. They’re hard and easy to grasp, charming, icky, simple, complex – born to remain suspended between rational and silly, naïve and savvy, poetry and trickery.
– very Umberto-Echo-friendly!

As with any other formalization of Calligaro’s poetical-tricks, the artworks and objects presented in this exhibition are also made in collaboration with other people – they are the ones who have decided how and why to make them this way. These artworks are the outfit of my words, Stefano says – Poetricks are the soul.