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December 12th, 2009 - February 12th, 2010

SABOT is pleased to present Mihai, a display of recent works by Italian artist Alice Tomaselli.

Working with different media — from photography to painting, from video to performance — Alice Tomaselli’s practice seems to be echoing an undeniable desire to find the primordial aspect of the art creation, which is deliberately chaotic and immune to the power of commodification. On the other side, the artist is clearly intending to find new and traditional ways to produce and present art objects that span from casting to handmade techniques, from embroidery to silkscreen.

Three unfinished installations (aimed at conquering a man) will be placed in three of the gallery corners. They are linked, but exist separately at the same time. Each installation consists of three objects. While the objects are complete, the installations are awaiting their final act. They must be activated. They are missing one action and will be considered complete only after this action takes place.

I see myself as a member of a species. Through my work I would like to develop analysis focused on the species to which I belong. Basically I don’t want to admit to the fact that I’m a human being. I would like to veer away from anthropocentric thoughts. I would also like to explore precisely what is going to happen in the future and during my death. (excerpt from Marcel Janco’s interview with Alice Tomaselli)
Accompanying the show, a printed matter conceived by the artist in cooperation with the gallery will be featuring an overview of her recent production and an interview with Sabot’s co-founder Marcel Janco.