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Surface Actually

August 9 - September 10, 2018
Opening: Thursday, August 9, from 7pm

S: Camilia, what's the trouble with sculpture?
C: 3D.
S: Then, what's the trouble with painting?
C: Colour.
S: Could a B&W 2D be the way out of the whole trouble? Or?...
C: Not sure. Maybe the idea. I will figure it out.
S: Are your ideas truly colour-blind?
C: If I could just see them in person... They are coloured sometimes, when colour is the source of inspiration.
S: Tell me a few things about this show...
C: It is about space and form. One can choose his own point of view - a cool industrial structure or a metaspace.
S: Try to be your own viewer. What would you choose?
C: 1.
S: How does this relate to your previous works? I can see no trace of 'industrial revolution' there :-)
C: Ahhh... Sabot tries to make me understand my own works! I would like them to be unrelated to each other and their subject matter to eventually disappear.

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