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One parasitic act by Stefano Calligaro

October 6th - November 17th, 2017

The intellectual-world needs Balls.
That’s what I give to it: Rolling Knocking Balls.

Nothing else to drool about. Nothing to internalize and digest.
Nothing to re-formulate and share. Nothing worth masturbating for.
Nothing to re-post. Nothing to flag. Nothing to embrace. Nothing to enhance.
No pre-fabricated distraction.


Ps: Have you ever stepped inside one Pétanque court?
Did you ever throw a boule pointing at the jack?
I detest sports. All of them. Except for Formula1. F1 is intense.
Pétanque is no sport. Even if it’s going to be an Olympic game it still is no sport at all.

Ps Ps: Thanks Jerome for introducing me to the rolling world of Pétanque! Playing it for the 1st time last month in Marseille was a radical experience. I am now drinking coffee from your fancy Ricard glasses: What a wonderful prize, what a fantastic act.



- Petanqfuck isn’t Pétanque.
- Petanqfuck is balls rolling and knocking.
- Petanqfuck is Pétanque parasite.
- Petanqfuck doesn’t follow any rule.
- Petanqfuck freeloads Pétanque rules.
- Pétanque rules are applied only to justify Petanqfuck existence.
- Pétanque rules give boules a reason to be thrown and knocked.
- Petanqfuck has no winners.
- Petanqfuck freeloads its players as well as its public’s time.
- Petanqfuck can be boring, disappointing, glorious and egoistic.
- Petanqfuck is egoistic.

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